After my oldest was born I took up a little ‘hobby’ sharing our experiences in Des Moines, Iowa through blogging. Between that time and when my daughter was born, I took a leap and quit my full-time job to focus solely on creating my hobby a business. I had no idea what to expect or what I was doing, but I knew deep down that working for myself and making connections within my community was my calling.

Over the past seven years since I published my very first blog post, I have become a Certified Postpartum Doula, published a workbook for expecting parents, grew my website into a number one resource for Des Moines parent’s, and am President of FemCity Des Moines.


This did not happen overnight. There have been many failures, a lot of self-teaching, many workshops, networking, and learning from others. Through all this I have discovered my passions are supporting businesses and organizations within my community, connecting with families, and empowering women. 

What you will find in this space are my thoughts and experiences of being a business owner, while juggling my most important role of all, motherhood. 

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