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How to Support Local Without Making a Purchase

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Supporting local businesses should be on top of mind all year round, but this holiday season it is crucial. The 2020 pandemic has hit many small businesses hard and I know many are looking for ways to lift them now. Not only are small businesses struggling, but consumers are too due to layoffs, health, and many other reasons. Many may want to lend a helping hand but do not have the funds to purchase to support local.

Did you know you can support local without making a purchase?! Yepp! There are several ways you can still support the small businesses in your community without making a purchase.

Leave a Review

Leaving a review for a small business is a major boost. You can leave reviews on Google and Facebook. Better yet, do both. When I leave reviews I will copy and paste my review and post on both platforms. Super simple!

When you leave a review this boosts them to the top of Google when people are searching for a certain product or service. When you leave a review on Facebook this boosts the algorithm for their page. Not only will it boost a local small business to be seen, but owners always love to see positive notes about their hard work.

Share, Like, Comment

I am sure you have heard that any engagement on social media is always great for a business. If a small business shares a deal or a new product that aligns with you, give them some love.

  • Leave a comment by asking a question or tagging someone who may be interested too.

  • Share on your page with a small note about why you love the small business and what they are offering. Do not forget to add the personal note touch. People will relate more when you add this small detail.

  • Create your post with an image of yourself supporting this small business or something you have purchased in the past. Make sure you tag them in your post.

Visit a Small Business and Check-in

Even if you are just browsing, check, in and leave a note of something you loved about the owner, service, or store you just visited. The power of social media is incredible and your followers will love to hear what you have to say.

Sign up for their Newsletter

I know, I know, my email can easily be bogged down with a lot of emails, but it is a great way to stay on top of what local businesses have to offer. Make sure you subscribe to your favorite small businesses to stay on top of special deals, announcements, and more. I love to forward any special deals or announcements to friends and family who I think would benefit as well. Another wonderful way to share the love.

Ask for Gift Certificates or Items from Small Businesses

Even if you may not personally be shopping, you probably have a loved one who would like to gift you something special. Make sure you include a small business on your list and think outside of the box. I am a huge fan of gifting experiences. It does not always have to be physical items.

  • Salon gift cards

  • CSA for the following year

  • Local restaurants and coffee shops

  • Merchandise from a local band and/or musician

  • A gift certificate to an independent bookstore

  • A subscription box from a local business

  • Have kids or grandchildren? Purchase swim, music, dance, or art lessons

  • A gift certificate to a live show

  • A gift certificate to your favorite place to play and be active as a family

There you go! Five different ways to support small businesses in your local community this holiday season and every day of the year.

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